Digital X-Ray Holder

USPTO: D746466 S1

About Us

Say GOODBYE to those really stressful days at work, from trying over and over to get those "Hard to get X-Ray Views"!

You know the ones... where you make the patient hold the DR Cassette for you, or try to prop up the cassette with sandbags and tape... Taking a really big risk in Dropping the DR Plate, potentially costing the company over $150,000 dollars (Not good for your Resume either). 

Of course you could hold the DR Cassette yourself and have a fellow Technologist shoot for you, but who wants all that extra radiation everyday, not me!
This increases your overall Lifetime Dose and its not too good for those future Cataracts either 

My Digital X-Ray Holder is a "Must Have" for Radiology Departments that have a busy grinding schedule, with a Wide Variety of Patients and Exams to perform on a daily basis and even for those not so busy ones. It also allows you to shoot a Merchants View the proper direction, getting a True Diagnostic view of the Patella/Femoral joint space. It's great for Cart patient's that can't move, just roll the cart up next to the table, place the Digital X-Ray Holder next to the body part and shoot a Cross Table.

I have been a Radiologic Technologist for over 23 years and I work in a very busy Orthopedic office. Having used the Digital X-Ray Holder for over 6 years now, I and fellow RT's can't believe how much easier the DR Holders make a daily shift at the clinic go! Once a new RT comes in and uses the new DR Holders, they are astounded at how nice and simple they are to work with and how they make getting thru the exams so much easier. After the first use, they "Can't Work Without It"!!!

I am proud to stand by my product I invented and built form the ground up and happy to offer 1 or 2 or more of them for your Radiology Department.
Leading the charge for fellow X-ray Technicians across the globe to make that "Critical Thinking" just a little less critical.

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