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USPTO: D746466 S1

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An innovative new product that will serve an essential function in the conducting of x-ray examinations, the Digital X-Ray Holder has been developed by Mark Ullom of Anderson, Indiana. The invention’s unique design enables its users to securely and effortlessly hold a digital detector during x-rays.

The Digital X-Ray Holder has been utilized with success for over 4 years in a major orthopedic facility. The invention is also fully patent status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The transition in the x-ray field from the use of film to that of digital technology would appear on the surface to be just another example of an industry moving forward with the times.

The Digital X-Ray Holder will serve as a seamless replacement for merchants boards. The product enables its users to access a clear “merchants view” or “sunrise view” of an x-ray. Additionally, it is conveniently and comfortably lightweight, an essential for continued use in a busy medical practice.

Digital X-ray Holder; Pat. US D746466 S1 The new and leading technology for the Radiological 21st Century and beyond.

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